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Before the Move

The following is a step by step list of the things you should do before you move:

* Set your pick-up date with Rainier. Generally figure 1 day for liftvan shipments; 1-2 days for 20ft Containers; 2-3 days for 40ft containers.
* Note: We recommend setting this date three to four weeks before your move – ESPECIALLY IN SUMMER AND IF YOU INTEND TO MOVE AT THE END OF THE MONTH.
* Get boxes from our local agent if you intend to pack non-breakables.
* Make purchases and coordinate delivery of these items with vendors, Rainier and our local agent.
* Prepare your valuation list.
* Complete the required custom documents (your Rainier coordinator should have the required custom forms for you but please contact the destination country’s consulate to make sure there is nothing else specific for your specific move)

Whether you are returning to your home country, taking on a new job venture or simply going abroad for an extended stay, you know that many important decisions and preparations must be made before you leave. Certainly, among the most important of these is choosing a company to move your household goods. In considering moving companies, a proper evaluation should include the following criteria:

* Reputation of the Company
* Experience with International Moving
* Price
* Quality of Services Provided

Rainier Overseas Movers : At Rainier, our rates are straightforward and include everything as outlined above. There are, however, some costs which these rates will not include. They are as follows:

- Import customs taxes and duties if any
- Any charges relating to customs inspection
- Demurrages, detention
- Quarantine & fumigation charges (only applies to certain countries – Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia)

3299 Instructions

This form will guide you through the 3299 form. Any further questions can be answered by our skilled import managers.

Rainier Overseas Movers Inc : If you wish to be present when the liftvans are loaded, you will need to make these arrangements in advance with the local agent.

Types of Moving Services

The rates you receive from Rainier will be for the services you request.

Door-to-Door rates will include all of the following:

* Pre-packing at your home (full packing, labor and materials & export wrapping furniture)
* Pick up from your home
* Loading goods into a steamship container or into lift van crates then into a container
* Delivery to Port
* Preparation of all necessary US Export and Customs documentation
* Payment of all ocean freight charges (steamship) and US terminal fees
* Customs Clearance at destination –Including Terminal Handling Charges (THC) (excluding duties and taxes, if any)
* Delivery into residence (up to second floor delivery) and removal of debris

When obtaining rates from a freight forwarding company, it is extremely important to find out what the rates do not include as you will sometimes be surprised by the hidden costs.

Rainier Overseas Movers As you approach your move date our sales staff will be providing you with the necessary forms to ensure your move has the proper paperwork required for a smooth relocation. Each move is unique so please discuss with your Rainier Overseas agent about the specific required documents necessary for your relocation.

Required Forms for All Moves

Shippers Consignee Profile

This form provides information required by the U.S. State Department on personal effects shipments exiting the United States. This form will also be used by Rainier Overseas and its agents involved with your move as a contact page while your shipment is in transit.

If Rainer is aware in advance of any additional services which you will require at the destination, we will try to include the associated costs for these services in your Door-to-Door rate. If not, you will be responsible for paying these charges directly to our agent. These additional services are as follows:

* Delivery above 2nd floor (20 steps from street level if there is no elevator)
* Long carry from street to residence (greater than 75 feet)
* Special Handling for extra large items (e.g., hoisting with crane or pulley through windows/balcony, taking off doors, disassembling, re-assembling, etc.)
* Upright piano handling –up to 2nd floor
* Baby grand piano handling –up to 2nd floor
* Grand piano handling –up to 2nd floor
* Additional Stops
* Carpenter Service for furniture re-assembly
* Shuttle
* Additional debris removal

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